Monday, 26 August 2013

celebration day and heading home

The project is finished and we celebrated by exhibiting all work produced around the school. Parents and siblings of the children involved in the project joined us to see the work and speeches were given (and translated by Jarmo). It was very sweet when 'The Director' announced to Jo and I that he was very happy with the project and that he commended our efforts to see the project through despite us both feeling very lost at times due to the language barrier. I said a few words aimed at encouraging the children to continue in being creative and told the teachers and children that an exchange like this is so good as we have learnt much from our work with children in a different culture.

As we drove away in the most battered bush taxi yet, I looked behind to see the children's gleeful faces waving us felt very emotional and this will be something I will take with me and never forget. That all folks'..

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