Tuesday, 13 August 2013

rain and pain-t

The roads of Pikine are flooded due to the rain! As we drove through the neighbourhood we saw some of the children from the project from our taxi window. The sweet smell of bread from the boulangerie enters the taxi and I feel a little self concious from all the stares and shouts of "Taobab"- whiteman....two goats nuzzle up to one another and I am happy

The school playground is a swamp and I remark to Joanna, "there could be a crocodile in here"...serious swampage. One slight disadvantage to working in rain is the fact that your shoes are drenched and by the end of the day my wrinkly feet are barely recognizable! Thousands of tadpoles are swimming around in the puddles..

Then with the help of our lanky interpreter, very long arms, we got to work and have started painting :)

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