Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Diary entry 30th July Sam

As we found out this sign in the school we visited in Pikine read out, 'To educate a girl, is to educate a nation.' It was amazing to meet the children and the teachers- a simple shh from one of the teachers during our meeting and the children immediately stopped whatever they were doing with a taxi that had been rolled into the playground. An eye opener for us.

We bought paint in a shop where the guys mixed up the colours we requested and then let me operate the paint machine and suddenly I thought I must have been given a job. 

Our interpreter for the project is a lovely laid back Senegalese man keen to exchange with us and talk English. He will help us so much when it comes to communicating with the children as my Wolof amounts to 'Amuma Xaalis'- I have no money. So, we then spent the evening having dinner in a local restaurant and then sat in a bar.

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