Friday, 2 August 2013

first workshops

We started art workshops at the school yesterday. The children drew around each other and added shape, colour and pattern. The figures they created were really expressive and beautiful to look at (much better than our example!)

We then moved onto printmaking where the children made repetitive prints from foam patterns:

Dieylani is translating:

The children really concentrated on the art they made, and quietly got on with the projects. Art is not a subject covered at school so this was the first time anything like this had happened in their classroom. The teachers joined in with the workshops and said that they felt happy to be able to learn art skills alongside the children and that they would like to bring more creativity into lessons. For the teachers, this was also a first time making art work.

On our way back from the school the rain started and within a few minutes the roads were flooding. It stopped after about an hour and was apparently just a "light shower" in comparison to when the rain really starts!

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  1. Those drawings of their own bodies are amazing - particularly like the one with one blue leg and one red... love to see more of them, keep posting! Vatican Head